Sony 3D TVs

3D technology from Sony is based on the High Frame Rate of 3D TV sending pictures to specialist Active Shutter glasses. 3D TVs use high speed precision to display different TV pictures consecutively to the left and right eye of the Active Shutter 3D glasses.

3D entertainment brings the excitement of the 3D cinema experience to the home. The 3D effect gives images more depth and realism meaning you can immerse yourself in sport, movies and PlayStation games like never before.

The specialist 3D technology developed by Sony offers a number of benefits:

  • Full High Definition pictures with no ghosting or "double-imaging"
  • Minimised flicker from lights, lamps or other light sources in the room
  • Excellent picture brightness so you can watch in all light conditions
  • Wide viewing angle so you can enjoy 3D TV from around the room
  • Comfortable, adjustable 3D glasses which are designed to keep light out